1. Is it possible in GrowthBook to target experime...
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2. Is it possible in GrowthBook to target experiments based on dataLayer variables that exist before GrowthBook is loaded?
yes, the attributes you use for targeting are completely customizable
the data evaluations are done on the SDK, and any data you set can be used
Should I pass dataLayer variables on which I want to target to GrowthBook as attributes during initialization GB like
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attributes: {
    clientId: clientId,
    userId: userId,
    country: "US",
    variables from dataLayer
or GrowthBook recognise dataLayer automatically and can use these variables for targeting?
How it works on the data side, is that we pull the assignment information and then join it to all the other information, based on the randomization unit (typically a user or anon id). you can pass that info if you like, but its not required - and it might already be there in the exposure event