Hi guys, I'm a new developer who just tried to imp...
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Hi guys, I'm a new developer who just tried to implement the GrowthBook for A/B test purposes. I'm using PHP SDK. This is my composer setup and code implementation. However, I got the error from the first run "*Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Must set an HTTP Client before loading features*". Saw from the docs "To load features, we require a PSR-17 (HttpClient) and PSR-18 (RequestFactoryInterface) compatible library like Guzzle to be installed.", I have the guzzlehttp installed but still got the error
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"guzzlehttp/guzzle": "6.5.8",
Could you please help take a look, thank you !
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Hi, I believe you are missing a few things in the PHP code. This might be the HTTPClient resource that you need:
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$growthbook = Growthbook\Growthbook::create()
  ->withHttpClient($client, $requestFactory);
And these interfaces:
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\Psr\Http\Client\ClientInterface $client
\Psr\Http\Message\RequestFactoryInterface $requestFactory