And Is there any rate limit on api usage ?, we are...
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And Is there any rate limit on api usage ?, we are planning to use api for toggling the feature flags in our automation scripts.
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Hi Mohammed, there is an API limit of 10 million requests per month.
I will have to ask about the rate limiting. I can update you on that shortly.
Ah, yes, it is 60 requests per minute
A followup question on this, is 60 requests per minute is per user or per account or per ip address.
I'm looking into this and will send an update soon
Currently the 60 requests-per-minute rate limit is configured for each API key. However, if we notice the rate limit being circumvented in the future on a wider scale we may pull it back to 60 rpm per organization.
Thank You for the clarification.
youre welcome 1