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11/15/2023, 3:05 PM
Hello I'm trying to do a redirect test using feature flags. I did some searching and looks like some people have been able to do it using window.location when gb.isOn. I was making a few attempts last night at setting up a feature flag to get this to work and I was having issues getting the feature to even show in the chrome extension. I have it set to run in production. Does the experiment that is using the feature flag have to be on? Do I need to set a URL anywhere or just have it in the implementation code as is shown in the GTM setup section of the documents? Just looking for any help I can get on this one. Thanks


11/15/2023, 4:04 PM
Hi Dan, we can definitely help with this. Any screenshots you can send would be super helpful! I'll update here with answers to your questions later today


11/17/2023, 12:02 AM
Hi again, Dan, thanks for your patience. In the near future we'll be releasing a first-class way of using feature flags for redirects. In the mean time, the approach you outlined should work. There is another approach, as well, which would be to use the Visual Editor to set the JavaScript to change the location.href URL.
That said, while looking this over, it seems like your SDK might not be setup correctly since the ​`isOn()`​ function isn't working. Unfortunately, GTM is notoriously challenging to integrate with GrowthBook, though of course not impossible! To determine if the SDK is setup correctly, you could add ​`console.log()`​ statements at various points throughout your GrowthBook code as a debugging tool. That could tell us how far into the integration things ​*are*​ working and where they might be falling apart.