Hello ! I am trying to resolve some timezone relat...
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Hello ! I am trying to resolve some timezone related concerns for our growthbook implementation. Growthbook defaults to UTC, but our presto timezone is set to
. So when we try to run the growthbook queries in presto, the
part of the query executes the following part which readjusts the timestamp.
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AND e.timestamp >= from_iso8601_timestamp('2023-07-22T07:00:00.000Z')
The original timestamp ā€˜2023-07-22T070000.000Zā€™ is in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but the output indicates a time of midnight (000000) with a time zone offset of -0700. this actually creates a gap of 14h which is not expected. Is it possible to customize options here to stick to Pacific timezone all throughout growthbook ?
Hi Harshada, adding the ability to adjust the default timezone is on our roadmap: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/issues/1287 Feel free to chime in on the GitHub issue in support of this feature. I'm not sure what your database schema is like, but if the table you're using is GrowthBook-specific, are you able to adjust the timezone to UTC on the database to match the default GrowthBook time zone?