Hi, I'm new to growthbook. I was assigned a task t...
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Hi, I'm new to growthbook. I was assigned a task to set up growthbook deployment in the dev, right now we are using via cloud. Where Can i find a official helm chart? the one I found has 0 stars. task is to shift from cloud to locally
Hi Hammad, have you already seen our documentation for self hosting GrowtBook? All of the steps are in there. Is there a specific step you need help on? https://docs.growthbook.io/self-host
I also wanted to address moving the data in your cloud-hosted instance to the self-hosted instance. A lot of things can be exported to a YAML file from the Settings page in the cloud-hosted instance and then re-imported on the self-hosted instance. It's not a perfect migration, though, as not everything is exportable, especially for more advanced configurations.
Some users have submitted helm charts, but as there are customizations per environment, its hard for us to generalize