Hello GB. My team is exploring GB for AB test solu...
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Hello GB. My team is exploring GB for AB test solution, and wondering if the following feature is available. We would like to compare a north star metric from different experiments and list the metric movement (% change and p-value) from a group of experiments in a table for horizontal comparison. This is a very critical report that our leadership monitors on a daily basis. Does GB have this feature? If not, any plan to develop that? Or any existing API that can export this information for external report generation?
We have the ability to pick a north star, and show all the experiments that effect it. Currently we don’t sum or show the p-values, but that is on our roadmap
Or, you can export all the results via an API if you wanted to build something yourself
Thank you for your answer. @fresh-football-47124 Do you have any example that can show how to pick a north star with all the experiments that effect it?
Hi Ella, if I understand your question correctly, you're looking for a way to view a list of the experiments associated with north star metric, right? To do that, you would first need to create the north star metric in the Settings tab. Then, the north star metric will appear in your Dashboard tab, and a list of the associated experiments will be shown underneath the north star metric. Additionally, you can go to the Metrics tab, click on the name of a north star metric, and see all the experiments that way. Does this help?