Hi all. Can you help me? I try to do SDK integrati...
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Hi all. Can you help me? I try to do SDK integration with site written via WordPress. Tell me pls, the procedure for WordPress site is the same? I just need add to frond and back-end site code GB templates for front and back-end. And after that, SDK integration will be done?
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Hello, Ihor 👋🏻 Yes, if you are a developer (or have hired a developer to help you) you can edit the PHP WordPress files to include the GrowthBook-related code. You would need to use the PHP SDK. https://docs.growthbook.io/lib/php
Make sure you also follow the instructions for setting up GrowthBook, because you will need to create the SDK key: https://docs.growthbook.io/quick-start#step-1-set-up-growthbook
And what should i do if i have back end on PHP and front-end on Javascript?
Hi Ihor, if you are running experiments from ​*both*​ the backend PHP code and the front-end JS code, you will need to use both SDKs. But if you are only running backend experiments you only need the PHP SDK, and similar for if you are only running front-end experiments you only need the JS SDK.