Hi everyone! I'm writing the code for fact table a...
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Hi everyone! I'm writing the code for fact table and creating metrics based on it. 1) event_name filtering In the where clause I have this code because the event_name should be there in a fact table as I understand:
AND event_name = '{{ event_name }}'
And if I have these lines in my code, can I create filters like on the screenshot? Both the ones with "=" and "in" structure? Will it work or should I write it differently? 2) other filters If I want to have metrics with different filters on the "platform", then I shouldn't write it in the "where" in fact table script at all? I just need to create appropriate filters for this fact table?
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Hey, Aksinia! One sec - let me double check with someone on the team more familiar with Fact Tables.
Hi, I can help you out. If there's a filter that should apply to every single metric, then you should add it directly to the
clause of the fact table definition. For everything else, you should use filters. So in your example, you should remove
AND event_name = '{{ event_name }}'
from the WHERE clause. That way, your fact table will include all events. When you create a metric, you would add the appropriate filter to restrict it to the specific event. Same with platform, you should create filters instead of adding it directly to the WHERE clause
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The other approach is to create multiple fact tables, one for each event type. In that case, the fact tables would include the event_name in the WHERE clause and you would still use filters for things like platform and things like that.
Thanks! And if I want to filter dates, this rule is no longer fair and I need to write additional conditions in the Where clause? For example:
AND timestamp_micros(e.event_timestamp) BETWEEN '{{ startDate }}' AND '{{ endDate }}'
AND s.event_date BETWEEN date('{{ startDate }}') AND date('{{ endDate }}')
I'm trying to create a platform filter, but keep getting a strange error. Maybe you can tell me what the error is? If needed, I'll send the whole Fact table script Upd. The same thing happens with the event_name parameter. I used to be able to create filters based on this parameter (and such filters still exist), but now I get the same error as with platforms
@billions-xylophone-11752 @fresh-football-47124 Hi! Maybe you know someone who can help with these questions above?
Sorry for the late response. First, the
{{ startDate }}
, and
{{ endDate }}
placeholders are just meant for performance optimization when your data is partitioned by date. They can serve as hints to the query engine to limit the amount of data that needs to be scanned. Not really meant to actually affect the value of a metric. Second, for the error it's likely an issue with the fact table SQL itself. I have a PR open to add more debugging for fact table filters that I hope to merge today that should provide more info. https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/pull/1945
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Thank you for this important feature! It helped me find a bug - https://growthbookusers.slack.com/archives/C01T6Q1SVFV/p1702538732455039