Hi all :wave: I have a question related to the `ba...
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Hi all πŸ‘‹ I have a question related to the
setting. I added it to the SDK on my WP page (see screenshot) but the API call stills seems to happen every 30 seconds. Has anyone experienced this or knows why it might not be working?
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Hi, Laszlo! Are you using the pre-built script tag to add GrowthBook to your site? From what I can tell that should disable streaming, I'm digging in a bit further.
Laszlo - Is your
that you've added working as expected?
Hi Michael πŸ‘‹ Yes, I am using the pre-built script, with a custom tracking callback added. See attached! I’ve also attached a screencap of the visual editor debugger, where everything seems to be green βœ…
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Hey, Laszlo - I think you just need to update the script so its
backgroundSync: false
rather than
backgroundSync: "false"
I tested on a Shopify store I'm running the same code on and it disabled the eventStream.
@billions-xylophone-11752 If you check the screenshot, I currently have
backgroundSync: false
. Would you suggest adding β€œβ€ (quotation marks) to fix it?
Oh goodness - I’m sorry. No, it definitely needs to be a Boolean, not a string. Let me see if I can replicate. My test env is disabling the streaming correctly.
I can also redeploy the script to our prod site, if you are available to check it, just had to disable it so it doesn’t use up our API limit every 30 seconds 😁
I can be available to check it. I just did another test in my env and with the following code, I am able to disable streaming.
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      window.growthbook_config = {
        backgroundSync: false

    <script async
Also, just to confirm, each message in the eventStream doesn't count towards your API limit. The endpoint is opening a streaming connection. So only the first request is an actual API request that counts towards your limit.
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The caveat is the streaming connection only lasts 5 minutes. So if someone is on the site for more than 5 minutes, the SDK will make a new API call every 5 minutes, to keep the connection fresh.
Thanks for clarifying the contribution to the limit. I will deploy the change tomorrow and ping here to see if you could potentially help troubleshoot it on the live site. Thanks for all the help so far 😊
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Hey, Laszlo - I just wanted to keep you in the loop - We've heard reports from a few users that the
backgroundSync: false
attribute isn't being respected in a few cases. The team is looking into this right now. As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know.
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Thank you. Then I will wait for updates before investigating further on my end.