Hello! Setup and connection question: I have just ...
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Hello! Setup and connection question: I have just followed all the steps for the Vue3 SDK. I then created a new SDK connection on the Growthbook dashboard, copied the full Client Key and made sure to add it to my local code. Then I ran npm i and npm start. My app is running locally but the dashboard says my app is not connected. Is there another step that I am missing? Does it only work if the app is deployed? Thanks in advance! I tried searching for "Vue 3" and "connected", but didn't see anything in the last 90 days that addresses my question.
are you using GrowthBook locally?
or our cloud?
did you enable streaming updates in the SDK instantiation?
I don't remember specifically doing that, let me see
Do I need to install and setup the Growthbook proxy?
Setting up the GrowthBook proxy is optional.
When you created the SDK connection, did you specify ​`dev`​ as the environment? Doing so should enable you to run the app locally and still connect to GrowthBook