Concerning the GrowthBook API, I have one question...
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Concerning the GrowthBook API, I have one question related to the following two endpoints: • a) 'Partially update a feature' • b) 'Toggle feature in one or more environments' Question: Is b) a subset of a) ? Meaning, by using a) I am already covering b), correct? With the only difference that b) is a bit more handy to use since it requires less payload in the request. Am I right? Or is a) by any reason not suitable to edit the
property of a feature? Otherwise I can see the
field would be missing by using a), but other than that, is it possible to toggle features by using a)?
@brave-lion-50494 do you know?
Hi José, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, you are correct, it's just for the sake of convenience. And it allows for setting a ​`reason`​ for toggling a flag.