Hello All, I have a support question. Who/Where wo...
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Hello All, I have a support question. Who/Where would be best to ask?
Hi Colin
I want to make sure I'm caught up on the issues you're facing (coming from our in-app chat support)...
you're using Growthbook Cloud but self-hosting a proxy instance, right?
The issue is this is where I am stuck with the proxy
localhost looks suspect
I am able to access it via this url
basically the GB app cannot communicate with localhost
And here are the environment variables I have set
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      GROWTHBOOK_API_HOST:                                 <https://cdn.growthbook.io>
      SERVICE_NAME:                                        growthbook-proxy
      PROXY_ENABLED:                                       1
      SECRET_API_KEY:                                      <set to the key 'SECRET_API_KEY' in secret 'growthbook-proxy-secrets'>  Optional: false
      NEW_RELIC_METADATA_KUBERNETES_CLUSTER_NAME:          breeze-eks-staging
      NEW_RELIC_METADATA_KUBERNETES_NODE_NAME:              (v1:spec.nodeName)
      NEW_RELIC_METADATA_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE_NAME:        growthbook (v1:metadata.namespace)
      NEW_RELIC_METADATA_KUBERNETES_POD_NAME:              growthbook-proxy-chart-78d7c5c897-7w5dd (v1:metadata.name)
      NEW_RELIC_METADATA_KUBERNETES_DEPLOYMENT_NAME:       growthbook-proxy-chart
can you please click Edit in your SDK Connection and show what's present for the GB Proxy field. Feel free to obfuscate the string if anythign sensitive is there
I can’t seem to find editing the SDK connection, do you know where that would be?
it shoudl be on the top-right of the screen you sent me, the same one which shows "localhost" in the proxy box
(Side note — Colin, I thought you were completely self-hosting?)
you may not have permissions to edit
I might not have the permissions
I am asking one of my team members to see if I can get higher permissions
sounds good. basically that field should be the public facing proxy URL, otherwise GB Cloud will not be able to establish a handshake with a localhost connection
Got it, thanks.
I will give an update once I can change that
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thankyou 1
I updated it and it worked now.
hey, awesome
glad that's working for you now
I have some follow up issues that have come up after the sdk got connected.
It all shows as connected but we are getting this 400 error
{"message":"No channel found"}
broadly speaking, this warning is about Streaming Updates not being configured correctly. Are you wanting to use streaming updates for the end user?
it might be helpful to turn on
in your proxy's env vars to dig in a bit further, then searching your logs for "No channel found".
I will enable that and get back to you.
I enabled that and this is the logs I am getting now
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yarn run v1.22.19
$ wsrun -p @growthbook/proxy -c start
 | $ node dist/index.js
 | GrowthBook proxy running over HTTP1.1, port 3300
 | (node:48) [DEP0111] DeprecationWarning: Access to process.binding('http_parser') is deprecated.
 | (Use `node --trace-deprecation ...` to show where the warning was created)
 | {"level":50,"time":1705344997986,"pid":48,"hostname":"growthbook-proxy-chart-9b5447dc6-lhf7t","msg":"connection polling error: status code is 400"}
 | {"level":50,"time":1705344997987,"pid":48,"hostname":"growthbook-proxy-chart-9b5447dc6-lhf7t"}
 | {"level":30,"time":1705344997987,"pid":48,"hostname":"growthbook-proxy-chart-9b5447dc6-lhf7t","msg":"using in-memory cache"}
Which version of the proxy are you running?
Is there any networking or gateway issue that could be causing it?
It still looks like that initial handshake is unsuccessful. The proxy will still minimally run, but you won't be able to do streaming updates until this is resolved. If you'd like to dig in further, this is the specific call being made by the proxy is basically:
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const url = `${growthbookApiHost}/api/v1/sdk-connections?withProxy=1&limit=100&offset=0`;
      const headers = {
        Authorization: `Bearer ${secretApiKey}`,
        "User-Agent": `GrowthBook Proxy`,
You could try recreating this call in postman or similar using your specific environment variables to see whether you're getting back a 200 or 400 error. It kind of boils down to a few possible issues though: • api host or api key is not set correctly • api host or api key is not being parsed from your environment correctly • a networking or container-level issue is preventing the call from being made properly • custom SSL is being applied at the network level (would require setting
in env vars)
Thanks for the response. Would anything else need to be done besides setting that env var since we are using custom SSL?
I don't believe so, but hard to say. We also support SSL termination on the proxy, but it doesn't always play nicely with custom SSL
Do you know what other issues could cause that error, I set that and still got the same error
It's pretty hard to say what the issue could be as there are a mixture of network and infrastructure configurations on top. A few independent ways to slowly test your way towards a solution could be: • simplify the infra-level configuration for GB + Proxy. No internal SSL, no auth headers, etc. Start adding back layers and see where it breaks. • or, try replicating the failing call (see snippet above) from your own custom nodeJS/Express pod and see if it fails without the proxy. if it passes, try implementing the GB proxy NPM package into your new Express service to see if adding it back breaks things