Hi everyone, I have a support question - who or wh...
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Hi everyone, I have a support question - who or what channel would be best to reach out to for assistance? I'm new to Growthbook and having issues launching a test
Hi Kirra, this channel is the best place. You can also use the AI Chat widget in the lower right corner of our documentation site. Can you explain where you’re getting stuck?
Thanks @brief-honey-45610! I sent a message on the the Chat Widget and just saw you have responded. The tests I have built display the variation change correctly in the Visual Editor, but when I preview them they don't display. I did a soft launch to see if they display on the live site and nothing appears. I'm in incognito, and I've had several people try to view the test and they can't either. How can I resolve this?
Ah ok. Yes, here in Slack is better because it has higher visibility.
There are a few things to check. Just a moment
Thanks! My account is Conversionry CRO btw
If the URL to the Visual Experiment publicly accessible could you share it here so I can take a look?
Could you please also send me a screenshot of the SDK configuration in the GrowthBook UI and the Visual Editor?
Is the experiment in a draft state?
Are you using URL targeting?
Are you running multiple experiments or visual changesets?
Is there anything showing in the GrowthBook tab of the Chrome Developer Tools?