Hii everyone, Recently I updated to the latest ver...
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Hii everyone, Recently I updated to the latest version and some experiments are now showing this message Im super new new to growthbook and the console confused me even more soo any helpful tips on what to check would be appreciated
If you could share what the developers console is saying
that would be great
if you visit the GrowthBook API endpoint directly, does it show a json object?
yess it does
Hey @fresh-football-47124 any ideas
Hi Muna, when you say you updated to the latest version, do you mean that you are self-hosting GrowthBook and you recently updated the GrowthBook version? Or did you update the version of something else, like the programming language or web framework you're using?
Can you send a screenshot of or copy-paste the JSON object Graham asked about?
Heyy @brief-honey-45610 I updated Growthbook version recently and sure thing, this is the object i get
Hey @fresh-football-47124 @brief-honey-45610 any ideas, im supporting the team and would like to get this issue sorted
Hi Mona, I’m checking with the team about this.
Thank youuu
Hey team, any luck
I think it’s any experiments with a screenshot in it. I’ve told the team not to add any screenshots to new experiments as we don’t know what’s going on and that seems to work for now
Could it be linked to screenshots