I’ve got three questions. I’ll ask them in separat...
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I’ve got three questions. I’ll ask them in separate messages so threads are easy to follow but in short I’m still trying to get my first functioning experiment to launch on growthbook. Question 1: What are the troubleshooting steps to determine if the preview mode is broken or if some other issue is causing my not being able to view the preview version of my experiment. For context I have an experiment i tried launching a month ago (for other reasons that’s apparently not working) but the preview mode does function normally. I can see the base and trial version of a page via preview. Since then I have created two subsequent experiments, both on a different page so the target URL is different of course but otherwise there are no differences in any of the targeting settings. I can edit a line of text with the visual editor and save my changes but previewing the trial version of a page always shows no edits. When I go back into visual editor, I can see the edits again. So I’m at a loss as to next steps.
Hi Giorgio, thanks for reaching, and I'm sorry for the delayed reply. The Preview feature when used with the Visual Editor can be finicky. There are a lot of configurations and settings that need to be dialed in. The best way for me to help troubleshoot this requires a few screenshots of your setup. I'm not able to see anything in your dashboard or Visual Editor otherwise. Please send the following screenshots when you have a chance and I can take a look. Remember to capture the full window so I have a reference of where in the dashboard the screenshot is coming from, and can also see all the relevant info in the window. - The detail page for the SDK Connection - The modal/page that appears after you click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the SDK Connection detail page - The main view once you open the Visual Editor. Take multiple screenshots if needed so I can see everything (you might need to scroll down). - The debug panel in GrowthBook's Chrome Extension. After you install the GrowthBook Chrome Extension, open the Chrome Developer Tools (Option + Command + J on Mac or Control + Shift + J on Windows) and navigate to the GrowthBook tab. See image below.