Hello, I’m trying to use the growthbook api to cre...
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Hello, I’m trying to use the growthbook api to create a feature through a program and in my request I am passing in an array for the tags with the string “Feature” which is the same array that i get when i do a get request of a flag that has the “Feature” tag. The response of the post is showing the tags array being empty while the request tags array has the string being passed. Any ideas on how to fix this or a different way to add a tag when creating a feature through the api?
Hi Daniel, does that tag already exist?
Hi Graham, yeah I was using existing tags in the project and passing them through the request
we do notice a function being called named getTagFromId, we’re passing in the tags as the strings, do they have an id tied to the tag? If so is there a way we can see the tags referenced as their id like you can with the project ids? @fresh-football-47124