Hey, I am new to GrowthBook and I am currently wor...
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Hey, I am new to GrowthBook and I am currently working on setting up a first A/B test by using data from Google Analytics through Google BigQuery. I have completed all the steps in this guide: https://docs.growthbook.io/guide/bigquery My problem is that I get an error in my experiment with the following: Dataset ga4-smartmiete:my_dataset was not found in location EU. But from what I can see in my dataset settings in BigQuery my dataset is located in EU as intended.
Hey Andreas - it appears that you need to update the
Experiment Assignment Queries
for this dataset. When the
is unknown, we default to using
, but you'll need to update it with the actual dataset name. To do this, you can go to the Data Source in GrowthBook, and you'll see a section called "Experiment Assignment Queries" - there you can edit the queries to add the actual dataset name. Then, you can go refresh the experiment results.