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02/13/2024, 11:27 AM
Hi. we've got problems with all tests since a couple of months:
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Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) detected. P-value below 0.001
I went through the dimensions, and it seems the most crucial point here is the German Site in combination with Mobile (Browser Chrome / Samsung Browsers) Previously, there were no issues, and now I have no idea what I can do and how to fix this problem. • GB is setting after cookies accepted. • We use GTM to set GB. • Data is only send when ID is in cookie (GA4). - We do a check and saw a mismatch, this is fixed but still a SRM. • All SRM errors on users who did a first pageview. SRM error not found on users that do more than one pageview. Do anyone of you have an idea what we can do to fix this issue?.. 🙏
@fresh-football-47124 @swift-helmet-3648 Do you have any idea to fix this? 🙂