hey! can somebody help with 400 “Bad request” err...
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hey! can somebody help with 400 “Bad request” error we are getting it while calculating metrics in experiments results this query works totally fine outside Growthbook
there is a definition of this metric
that's interesting - not seen that error before
are you self hosting?
i think no, but i’m not sure) maybe I can check this somehow in settings?
no, we don't self-host
the problem happens only with ratio-metrics we can give you more examples, if that would be helpful
And maybe the problem is somehow related to capping (ratio-metrics + capping) Because without capping a simple ratio metric "ARPPU" works fine, and with capping turned on it fails with the same strange error "Browser sent an invalid request" (it happens with any browser)
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Thank you, Nikita, our Engineers will take a look.
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