Hey! I am 100% sure this has been asked to death,...
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Hey! I am 100% sure this has been asked to death, but I would like to know how I could implement GrowthBook with a GA4 website that does not have logged in users. We need to do CRO for our customers, but they typically don't have users logging into their lead generation pages. Could I use something like a UA _gid, or perhaps even something like a Mautic mautic_device_id?
We're used all the time for GA4 websites for logged out users
GA4 has a client_id that can be used, but particularly on first load this can be slow to load
so in our docs we have example code of how to make your own ID that can load faster
Thanks! I am having some difficulty with a Wordpress setup. I followed the docs but there is no test data pulling in. The test has run for around 2 days.
Unfortunately no additional time allowed has resulted in any data coming through. I'm not really sure how to bug check this. The connection appears to be valid: \