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02/16/2024, 7:53 AM
Hi everyone! I ran some test experiments - on user_id (logged in users) and user_pseudo_id (unlogged users). With logged in users the results somehow started to count, but with unlogged users the error comes out -
Missing identifier join table for 'user_pseudo_id' and 'user_id'
. I’m attaching a screenshot of the experiment assignment queries, the experiment settings and my experiment_viewed table. Previous question - Could you please tell how and for what do I need to connect these identifiers?


02/16/2024, 6:54 PM
so how this works
is that each metric is tied to the user identifier (or randomization unit) that you're using
if the metric is tied to, say, user_id, and the experiment is randomized by anon_id, we need some way to join between them
so that is why we have the join table, defined in the data source page
so you can either define a way to join between randomization units, or adjust the metric queries to return multiple identifier units