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03/12/2024, 2:11 PM
Hey guys, is there any SDK to know the experiments and their variations under a specific namespace or how to know whether a experiment is shutdown? In our business scenario, I need group the IDs into buckets and batch process once the bucket size meets the thereshold, if an exp shutdown and the bucket will not get newcomers and I need to handle the rest in time. Any suggestions?


03/12/2024, 2:40 PM
if you need the exact number of users (which is pretty unusual) you can use remote evaluation of a flag to fetch that state. I would still suggest that this is unusual, and you may be better off creating some script that disables enrollment by setting an attribute after the size has been reached - you could set a cron or similar for this, which may cause the numbers to be slightly higher than you need, but would still be faster and easier than remote eval.


03/13/2024, 2:54 AM
Thanks your reply. You misunderstood me, I use fastapi as my service, when the traffic comes in, I use attributes(ID, etc.) inquire GB for which exp and varitaion the traffic belongs to, then store the traffic into the corresponding bucket in Redis, when a bucket size above the threshold, I get these traffic out and batch process them. Because buckets are from exp and its variation, once a exp shutdown, these buckets will not get new traffic and the size will not meet the threshold, so I need to know when shutdown happend that I can handle the remaining traffic in the buckets in time(we have time limit). So, the two question: 1. how to know the exp and variation for the traffic, under a certain namespace. 2. how to know the exp shutdown event(or I can get all the active exps under a certain namespace, once I cannot get someone next time, that I know it shutdown).
Anyone provide suggestions?