Can someone help me throw clarity on this piece in...
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Can someone help me throw clarity on this piece in the documentation. I understand that I set up the sdk in my dev for the different environments. These set up seems to be working well in production and the experiments are running fine. I however don't understand why my sdk environments shows i only have it enabled for dev only (see screenshot 2) because I am also using sdk in my mobile app as well (see screenshot 3)
that environment is used for the UI
you can use the sdk key wherever you like, even multiple places
each feature has different rules per environment, and so it can get confusing if you use the 'dev' environment for more than just dev in your code
I have different environments depending on where the code is running. For example dev-country1, prod-country1, dev-country2, prod-country2, prod-mobile-country2. Each with their own targeting rules and attributes. prod-mobile-country2 for example is using the javascript sdk in the mobile code but this is tested with dev-mobile-country2 when setting up. Do all these have to be showing up on the sdk-connections list? In my current setup adding the sdk in the code was enough to get the feautres for each of these. But I wonder what the sdk list fits into my current setup and if I need to do more to access some functionality specific to sdk implementation.
Hi guys, still need some help on this thread. If anyone is in position to response, it will be highly appreciated.