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03/22/2024, 6:01 PM
Need some help with the duration metric — seems like it's having a difficult time figuring out what the unit is. Based on my research here, it defaults to seconds so that's how I formatted the value calculation: `TIMESTAMP_DIFF(b.timestamp, a.timestamp, SECOND) AS value`; however, it's calculating the total as days (makes sense) but more days than the experiment has been running. So the data in the experiment doesn't make any sense. The average in the metric settings looks right though. There's some other weird things going on here, but I'll leave that out for simplicity's sake. BTW, this is measuring time between signup, and when a user cancels. I'd expect to see a few days as average since our average churn is pretty high.


03/22/2024, 10:05 PM
The average in the metric page is computed across all users in the metric table, while the averages in an experiment are computed over all users in the experiment. That's one difference. You can click the three dots in the top left and click View Queries to see the
(numerator) in the raw units, which should hopefully be seconds.