Hey team - we have some attribute that was unfortu...
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Hey team - we have some attribute that was unfortunately implemented as either a string or an int and it varies due to a bug. It’s always a number, but sometimes we pass to growthbook as a string (i.e “192381” instead of
) We’d like to do simple targeting based on int greater-than logic. Is there a way to do this safely through any of the existing Advanced Mode targeting? so that we’re not accidentally comparing an int with a string
i.e we want to avoid cases like this:
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"6" > "512" // evaluated to true
which SDK?
js / react
@growthbook/growthbook-react 0.20.0 growthbook/growthbook 0.30.0
could the semver targeting work in this case (even tho this would just be an int-as-string without any
so not technically semver-compliant?