Hi team! :wave: Thanks again for the event, it was...
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Hi team! 👋 Thanks again for the event, it was great to see the updates! Apart from the Multiple Exposures Warning, we've been noticing that the results are not accurate for some reason. I created an experiment that doesn't change anything on the site, so both variations should show similar results, but what happened is that one variation is performing a lot better than the other. Maybe this is related to what causes the Multiple Exposures warning 🤔 I'm sharing in this thread the code that we have for the Hybrid SSR integration, I really appreciate the help
This is a Remix app, and the code below is added to the root route (app/root.tsx)
HI Matheus - your conversion numbers are still quite small, even if the denominator is large
its not uncommon for experimentation platforms to set a 200 conversion event limit before even showing results. You have 70 vs 93 and 44 vs 66 - which is not unreasonable that this is just natural variance or skewed by a few outliers (you can add percentile capping or winsorization to help see)
I believe by default we use 150
That makes sense, thank you so much for looking into it! I changed the limit back to 150 and I'll keep the experiment running