Hello, following my previous question (cc <@U01T6H...
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Hello, following my previous question (cc @fresh-football-47124) on container running growthbook+growthbook/proxy crash on aws ecs i have this CPU highs (and then it crashes..) anything on why it does require so much CPU ? is it an issue or should i just increase it ?
We also run our cloud on ecs and don't have such an issue
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@future-teacher-7046 do you have any thoughts?
still having the crashes after increasing cpu and memory, 0 logs on why it crashes suddenly tho happens exactly every 10 minutes (does it have something to do whith agendaJobs ?) i remember at our company we had a problem agenda running a task each 10mins making the container crash, because it's the default lock time for a job that failed or smth
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is there a way to have the full logs ?
any updates on this ?
fixed it, it was the healthcheck pointing at the wrong route "/" unstead of "/healtcheck", i think it should be on the documentation of the self-hosted section
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cause "/" gives 404 for the proxy