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How should we implement GrowthBook on sites utilizing CDNs like Akamai? When a user enters a URL, the CDN (Akamai) searches for a cached HTML version of the site. If it's available, this cached version is sent to the user. If the page is not in the cache, the CDN sends a request to our server for resources. This is the only moment when GrowthBook on our server can assign a variant of an AB test. However, this page with the assigned variant will be cached in Akamai for 1 hour for all users. How can we implement GrowthBook without compromising CDN functionalities?
you can either use client side AB tests, or you can see if you can add the experiment name and variant to the cache key in Akamai
With the first approach, I'm losing all the benefits of server-side testing. We're considering the second approach, which was our initial idea. However, we need to inform Akamai (before it serves the cached version of the page with the appropriate experiment name and variation in headers) which version of the cached page it needs to serve to the current user. We're unsure how to accomplish this. The implementation might look like: User > GrowthBook > Akamai or User > Akamai > GrowthBook > Akamai > User, but how can we achieve this?
Do you have any existing solutions for this?
It seems that no major ecommerce platforms are using GrowthBook for A/B testing. Most larger ecommerce platforms utilize CDNs and you haven't addressed this issue, no custom cdn setup in your docs for AB test with GB etc.