Hi all... I'm wanting to try out growthbook - very...
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Hi all... I'm wanting to try out growthbook - very glad to have found a tool this powerful at this cost... Please help clear something up for me: In the faq under hardware requirements for self hosting it says:
GrowthBook only deals with aggregate data and the bulk of the processing is offloaded to your data source.
To which data source is it referring? Is this the mongodb data source that is required as part of the self hosting or is this a cloud hosted data source provided by growthbook. It uses this external data source to motivate for why you don't need a lot of memory to self host but then according to the self hosting docs there is a self hosted data source? You also indicate there's a 10 million api request limit - which is also relevant - so this points to how the cloud still plays a role when self hosting. Btw, the fair use policy link at that location doesn't work.
hi Michael - it's referring to the mongodb database. it stores information on each feature, as well as aggreate experiment results - as a result, the amount of data that is stored (and resources required) is relatively small - we store no row level event data. When you self-host growthbook, you have to give it a Mongo or documentDB connection string - this could be from the docker container we add to the docker-compose or hosted elsewhere yourself
If you are self-hosting, there is no API limit, that is only for the cloud
Thank you very much. Yes that makes sense