Hi GrowthBook team :wave: How can I check version ...
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Hi GrowthBook team 👋 How can I check version of running GrowthBook from dashboard or somewhere else ? I am using this docker tag
I think that version is from Sep 21, 2023
if that's the case, it's pretty old
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you should always update, we work hard to keep things backwards compatible, and the platform has improved significantly
Should I always pull and use "latest" tag instead then ?
Also, when upgrading to new version, What else I need to do apart from changing docker tag (mongodb migration ?)
no migration scripts required
we handle all of that
just make sure your mongo volumes are backed up
using latest is okay - we try not to break that. you can also used one of the named versions: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/releases
Got you, Thanks a lot Graham. Thanks for all nice works !