How to DUPLICATE experiment with all linked featur...
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How to DUPLICATE experiment with all linked feature flags and targeting attributes? After duplicate, I have only copied variants but no other changes applied from duplicated experiment. I have lot of markets and want to make the same test with the same feature flags and want to only change domain in URL in targeting attributes. Please, help.
Hi Mario - I'm not sure we support that exact use case at the moment - but there may be some ways with the API or by editing records in mongo. Are you an engineer by chance?
I have no enter to API or databases (not programmer). Unfortunately, even when I want to split my AB tests for desktop and mobile (due to differing UI elements and functionalities), I need to create two nearly identical experiments from scratch instead of simply duplicating an existing one. This is inefficient, especially considering both tests utilize the same feature flags. I was hoping GrowthBook would offer an improvement over Google Optimize in this regard,