Hello everyone, I'm having some problems plotting ...
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Hello everyone, I'm having some problems plotting the results of my experiment. I thought there might be something related to using Fact Tables in the beta, but I've already recreated the metrics without using Fact Tables and the same behavior still persists. The queries are being completed successfully, but the update process is infinitely loaded and the results are not plotted. I've tested this before in other on going experiments and managed to plot the results. I couldn't identify what might have changed.
I think this might be a bug we fixed today
can you check again?
I'm using self-hosted growthbook, so as soon as we update I can get back to you. Meanwhile, I managed to work around the problem, apparently the problem is related to multiple metrics. If I run the update with only 1 metric, plot the results, add the second metric and do the update again, the plot works.