Hey All. I'm implemented into my own datasource (S...
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Hey All. I'm implemented into my own datasource (SQL) and when using the name of my endpoint (like data.xyz.com) it fails with the error:
Failed to connect to <http://data.xyz.com|data.xyz.com>:#### - getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND <http://data.xyz.com|data.xyz.com>
I changed the name to the IP, and now I get
Failed to connect to IpAddress in 15000ms
Can anyone help me connect to my datasource.
what SQL source are you using?
there isn't something particularly special that GrowthBook does - you should be able to connect via command line to test out the connection
Generic question begs generic question - my bad, entirely. I'm using a Custom Datasource, and my SQL DB is SQL Server version 15.0.4223.1 The credentials I have work when pinging locally, specifically the hostname I'm using. (data.xyz.com) from above. But when I put them into growthbook I get this error. To combat the error I was trying to use the IP directly, but this implementation should work. The second photo is a screenshot of what I have. And the IP for Growthbook is allowed in the firewall.