Hi team, I want to run 2 experiments at the same t...
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Hi team, I want to run 2 experiments at the same time on different pages in an application. There is a possibility that one experiment will affect the results of the other. What happens to the users of these both experiments, will they intersect? Or is it better to run them one after the other?
Hi Mila - if you don't do anything, it is likely that users will intersect and the test will interact. The question to ask is if you think they will meaningfully interact. ie, a user who sees A on experiment 1, will cause an increase only when exposed to B in experiment 2, that won't be seen for users not exposed to experiment 1.
if you think the answer to that is yes, then you can run the experiments in parallel by using namespaces
most of the time we see that tests do not meaningfully interact and that most companies are better served by running a higher frequency of experiments
Thank you for the answer!