Hey team, is there a way to “lock in” a feature to...
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Hey team, is there a way to “lock in” a feature to prevent accidental changes? For features that are not in active development, we’ve found cases where a team member accidentally flipped a production value instead of a QA environment values
@billions-xylophone-11752 do the new roles work for the feature level?
Today there isn't any functionality that limits permission to a specific feature - the most granular step we offer currently is project scoping. There has been some discussion of tag based permissions. E.G. If this feature has a specific tag (
) require additional permissions. So you could pick and choose when you need to lock something down. This isn't available, nor is something we've committed to, but has been discussed. @curved-accountant-6477 - I'm not sure what plan your organization has (starter, pro, or enterprise) but for enterprise orgs, we do have the concept of Approval Flows where changes must be approved by other members (though, users with an
role have the ability to make changes without needing an approval). Additionally, if you have a Pro or Enterprise account you can limit users who have a
permissions to certain environments - e.g. you can give a user an
role so they can create feature flags, but limit their permission to only the
environment. More info on that here.
got it, thanks Michael - wil look into the environment-specific roles, doesn’t fully solve the problem as sometimes we want engineers to tweak production. i do like the idea of the tag-based permissions also - is there a way to get Approval Flows on the Cloud Pro plan?
Hello, I’ve opened a feature for this some days ago. https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/issues/2595