hi! when using Script Tag and GA4 it says that no ...
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hi! when using Script Tag and GA4 it says that no configuration is required, but i'm not getting any type of experiment tracking in GA4 (as it seems), and the results tab on my test experiment shows that no data exists. what does this "no configuration" refer to, and do i actually still need to manually implement experiment tracking? thanks!
we're loading GA4 through GTM, could this be a sequencing issue, that GB doesn't see GA4 at the point it tries to track experiments?
Yes, when using GTM you need to do a few more steps
thanks @fresh-football-47124! that makes sense, i notice however that i keep landing on different experiments when i refresh the same browser window, and that experiment_viewed isn't always tracked it's a simple visual test of a footer text just to try it out, using the html script SDK setup. any pointers as to where i should look next?
it was that
was blocked by the cookie management platform, maybe add a FAQ about that and multiple exposures?
Hi Jonathan, thanks for following up. Yes, we are working on improving our docs for GTM and GA4 use cases. We'll add this in.