Hello, If I enable a 20% rollout based on the user...
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Hello, If I enable a 20% rollout based on the user ID attribute, will a specific user who falls within this 20% always be part of this group (i.e., is it sticky for that user)? Or could they be part of the remaining 80% on subsequent requests? Additionally, if I increase the rollout to 30%, will the users who were originally part of the initial 20% rollout still remain within this group? Thank you!
The docs don't necessarily answer your question @salmon-plastic-20046 since the question asked in the FAQ docs is specific to experiments which is sticky for users based on the experiment
assigned to their usermeta, however your question around feature flag rollouts remains open. From experience, we just ramped up a new feature on our site using the feature flag % rollout, and when we made changes increasing from 25% of our audience up to 50% then 75%, etc, there were users who were fed the new feature when we were at 25% but who were then not fed the feature / lost the feature when we changed the allocation to 50% and 75%. Anecdotal experience says feature flag rollouts are not sticky for users cc @helpful-businessperson-59604
Hi Giorgi - the user will always be part of that group as long as their id doesn't change. If you increase rollouts, it will only increase assignment, it won't reassign existing users