Hi GB Team, We currently self-host GB in our infra...
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Hi GB Team, We currently self-host GB in our infrastructure and are now interested in using GB Proxy. I'm exploring the possibility of achieving geo-distributed scaling for the proxy, although it’s not a strict requirement. Since we will be using Remote Evaluation, lower latency would be highly beneficial. We have servers in both the US and EU, so having multiple sets of proxies on different domains would be ideal. Is this feasible? I noticed that GB has two environment variables for the proxy: •
Would it make sense to configure one set for the US and another for the EU, or is there a better solution? Alternatively, would a single set of proxies in the EU suffice without significant latency issues, especially considering caching for Remote Evaluation? Thanks a lot for your insight.
You can set up a cluster of proxies wherever it makes sense for you. It could be in a single zone, across multiple geo zones, etc. The key ingredients here are: 1. Your proxies need a way to share state irrespective of their cluster or zone. We provide this out of the box by letting you connect to a central Redis store (or cluster), which is responsible for holding a common state. Each proxy will update its own ephemeral in-mem store to match your central Redis. The intra-proxy sync is handled automatically via Redis pub/sub. 2. You need to point GrowthBook's
to a single proxy server URL. It doesn't really matter which one since all others will be synced via shared Redis.
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