Hi, after update to version 3.0 we started to enco...
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Hi, after update to version 3.0 we started to encounter the following issue: When editing an existing AB Experiment rule (any change except changing default value) the changes are being published from the Editing screen and they are not added to draft revision but to live revision. The draft revision stays seen as draft, Review & Publish option is disabled, previous Revision 2 is updated with latest changes. Is this a known issue?
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there is a gap in revisions 3-4 too
thanks for that detailed video
Hi Veronika - I checked with the team on this. We currently don't have drafts for experiments - and since this is editing the experiment via the feature flag, it is implemented immediately. The UX is pretty poor, and we're reworking this experience
Hi @fresh-football-47124, thank you for the clarification. When do you think we might see UI fixes? Also, this logics of not having drafts is not expected to be applied for other type of rules, right?
@clean-city-48510, it happened because I have discarded the pervious draft revision, GB creates gaps in Revision numbers in such case.
We have some interim fixes planned
to make it more clear - but that whole flow is being reworked
@fresh-football-47124 so we should expect more changes to Experiment rule change logics, as well as for Percentage Rollout & Forced value rules?
it will be UI changes