Is there a way to change the unit used when making...
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Is there a way to change the unit used when making a duration type metric, or do we need to convert to what the default unit is? For example, I'm trying to make an engagement metric in msec, but I don't see an option to specify this on the metric page or settings, and data preview is showing the metric using 'days' units. I took a look at the docs but also didn't find what to do in this case.
Hi Eric , Good morning and thank you for writing in. Unfortunately, the duration type metrics is in seconds by default, meaning you will need to do the conversion on your end to milliseconds. If you have durations in milliseconds, you would need to convert them to seconds in your SQL query before using them as the ​`value`​ in your metric. In parallel to the above, I'm unsure if you are aware already but we have a public facing Feature Suggestion board available here so that you can log suggestions ad also that other customers can upvote this suggestion. If you have any more ideas or feedback in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out again. We are always eager to hear from you and continuously improve. Thank you once again for your contribution.
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