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ā€¢ Hello, using GrowthBook v2.9.0 here ā€¢ Is there a way where I can force an experiment to use hashVersion 1? I can't seem to find the selection in the new / edit rule form. ā€¢ This might sound strange, but intention here is smooth migrations from older SDK that supports only v1 to latest SDK version, out of concern that v1 and v2 allocation could produce different variations
Hi Albert, Good morning and thank you for writing in. Please can you confirm which SDK you are using?
hi @flaky-noon-11399, in the sdk connections we're using 0.36.0
strange though, clicking
make changes
in different running experiments can display 2 different dialogs, one that has hashVersion dropdown, and one without .. I'm wondering why ?
Hi Albert, sorry the hashing is SDK dependent so I will need to know the SDK name (not just the version). Please, can you confirm which SDK you are using so we can further investigate? The SDK language will render on this page - https://app.growthbook.io/sdks Looking forward to your response :)
oh my bad, i did not realize. it's nodejs šŸ™
Hi Albert, thank you for your response and assisted information. The ability to edit the hash version was introduced just over 2 weeks ago. For new experiments created, able you able to now change the hashing version to v1?
ā€¢ hi again @flaky-noon-11399 for following this up .. ā€¢ but as can be seen in my second screenshot, which is still using 2.9.0 instead of 3.0.0, i can see the selection of
Hashing Algorithm
for v2 and v1 (legacy) .. but this dialog does not happen for all
Make Changes
dialogs, may i know why editing some experiments can see this selector, and some cannot ?
I even tried lowering my sdk connection version to 0.20.0 in hope to see the selector, because of this PR: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/pull/2097 .. but in vain
Hi Albert, sorry there may be some confusion here. It's SDK-dependent, not experiment-dependent, whether or not v1 or v2 hashing is available, nor is it GrowthBook version dependent. To make sure we are aligned, please can you take a screenshot of the SDK connectors page?
sure ..
this is the only connection i have
my experiments in my test gb
this bert-1 experiment has the hashVersion selector ..
for experiment
another experiment
.. the dialog is different .. no hashVersion selector ..
Hi Albert, thank you for the assisted information. I will now review this with the team and get back to you shortly.
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Hi Albert, Please can you confirm the following: 1. Are you self-hosting or cloud-hosting? 2. If self-hosting, are you running GrowthBook 2.9? (If so, why not 3.0?) 3. Which version of the Node SDK do you want to be using, and which are you using currently? 4. Are BOTH of the experiments using the same SDK Connection? Please can you double check this? 5. Are BOTH experiments using the same targeting attributes? 6. Please send us a screenshot showing which button or link you're clicking on in the ā€‹`bert-1`ā€‹ experiment to open the "Edit" modal. 7. Please send us a screenshot showing which button or link you're clicking on in the ā€‹`another experiment`ā€‹ experiment to open the "Edit" modal 8. A screenshot or code snippet of how you have the Node SDK integrated in your application
ā€¢ hi @flaky-noon-11399, thank you so much for your help. ā€¢ Ok, let me find a time to try this on 3.0.0 and see how ā€¢ But probably not soon, because i've found a way to downgrade it to hashVersion 1 through REST endpoint ..