Also running into install issues w gbstats. Looks ...
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Also running into install issues w gbstats. Looks like I need to use poetry to manage my env if I want to use this package (I know that poetry exists but have never worked w it. I see a poetry.lock file in the gbstats folder though) Pip isn't aware of any dependencies at all
Thanks Quinn, we'll take a look at these two issues
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You shouldn't need to use poetry, that's just used for building. I don't think we're specifying runtime dependencies correctly for pip though. The
package just requires the following: • numpy • scipy • pandas
I'm fairly new to publishing on pypi so still figuring out the proper way to package everything together
Yeah I think an easy way to fix is to run `
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poetry export -f requirements.txt --output requirements.txt
before you push a release
That tells poetry to generate a requirements file for pip so pip can understand the pkg's dependencies. I dont know much about poetry so there may be a nicer way to make that happen automatically or include pip-readable deps in pyproject.toml(??) but I poked around a bit and wasnt able to find anything about that sort of thing