hey i also have a separate question about the JS S...
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hey i also have a separate question about the JS SDK any time feature is evaluated, trackingCallback is fired, and our analytics system is called this is great for some A/B tests but for example, imagine you want to experiment when a modal should show variant A: show modal after user has been in the app for x amount of time variant B: show modal after user has done something in the app in order to setup the logic in the app, we have to evaluate the feature on app start this automatically fires the trackingCallback this is not optimal, because the user might not have seen the modal, but the trackingCallback has been fired from what I understand, to counter this, we would have skip trackingCallback and call our analytics manually, when the modal has been shown to the user, right?
or is there a better way to handle 'when modal is shown' experiments?
We support activation metrics during analysis. Fire the tracking callback right away and then fire another GA event when someone is eligible to see the experiment. For that particular test, you have to be a little careful. You can't wait until the modal is shown, since your change actually happens before that when you are deciding what the modal trigger should be.