Hey, I want to followup on this <https://growthboo...
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Hey, I want to followup on this https://growthbookusers.slack.com/archives/C01T6Q1SVFV/p1644555632324309 we use GA4, ill explain my current understanding we setup our experiments in growthbook these experiments are evaluated on the client these events should be sent to GA in a way for example (please suggest a better way), i'm not really a fan of dimensions
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  category: 'Experiment',
  action: 'Experiment Viewed',
  dimension_1: experiment.key,
  dimension_2: result.variationId,
GA4 is then linked with BQ (i think we didn't setup this part correctly, because I can only see tables beginning with
) lets just assume we will fix that and we will see tables called
is it okay to have daily tables of events, or should we have one big table of events?
Yes, multiple daily tables is fine. BigQuery let's you use table names like
. We support the GA4 schema out of a the box. After you connect to BigQuery, it will ask you what format your data is in, and GA4 is one of the options.
For your tracking callback, I think you want to use a different version.
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ReactGA.event("viewed_experiment", {
  experiment_id: experiment.key,
  variation_id: result.variationId