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Hello @User and team👋🏼 - i'm assessing GrowthBook amongst other CRO/Testing platforms. Can anyone clarify if GrowthBook supports these features: 1. Experiments that cross multiple domains or subdomains 2. Personalization (down to the person/ID) beyond segment targeting 3. Existing Tableau or Amplitude integrations 4. Existing Segment integrations 5. Data portability / export 6. Multi-armed bandit options 7. Multiple objectives/goals for an experiment 8. Dedicated SLA/support options 9. Number of active users 10. Notable brands/sites using Growthbook Thanks for your help... couldn't gauge these questions from the website. 🙏🏼
Hi Daniel, thanks for the questions. 1. Yes, multiple domains are supported 2. Yes, you can target based on IDs 3. No Tableau or Amplitude integrations. We do support Snowflake which amplitude can export to. 4. We support segment as long as you have a data warehouse destination that we can connect to. 5. You own 100% of your data 6. No bandits currently 7. No limit on number of goals in an experiment 8. We can design a custom enterprise contract 9. Hundreds of companies using GrowthBook in production 10. Happy to go over some specific examples on a call
thanks for the quick response. I'll reach out for a call and demo in our next phase. cheers @User