Hello Everyone, we started to experiment with the ...
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Hello Everyone, we started to experiment with the GrowthBook. We would not want the rules to be exposed to the frontend ReactJS app. Wondering if there is any server side sdk that we can use to return only results of features to the frontend growthbook library
You can use any of our back-end SDKs for that. Basically, you would need to create an API endpoint where you pass in user attributes. Then, you could loop through and evaluate all the features and return the results in the API response. Call that from your React app when you first load the page and you'll have all of the feature values. We're working on a Proxy Server soon which is a pre-built Docker container you can deploy on your infrastructure that handles all of that for you automatically.
Cool. wish there was a "proxy" sdk library instead of a docker so we can simply call into that sdk with facts (user attributes) and it spits out the growthbook client sdk compatible output
our existing backend is in nodejs
but I see your point about docker as that could serve as langurage agnostic proxy instead of building proxy sdks
thanks again for the response..
would love to borrow such looping code if anyone did on for nodejs
Making the proxy server a NodeJS library could make sense. We would still release a standalone Docker image version for people not using Node.
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