3 questions: 1. I have one feature flag (it sets a...
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3 questions: 1. I have one feature flag (it sets a coefficient to 0.5), ran an experiment yesterday , then archived it and marked it as "Lost". I proceeded to try a new experiment with the same feature flag but different variants (e.g. 0.4), but now I don't see any results under Experiments, and clicking update data on my archived experiment does not change the results (they are still from the variants yesterday. 2. When I turn on an experiment in growthbook it takes almost 2 hours for it to effect traffic on production. Is this expected? Have you guys seen this before? 3. If I want to test a new feature on 5% of traffic, is it better statistics to run (a) a test with 5% treatment, 95% control or (b) 10% of traffic, 50% treatment, 50% control.
1b. Verified that the correct amount is being sent to the new variant on production, I just can't find the results in growthbook. Clicking view results at https://app.growthbook.io/features/livetune_coeff takes me to the old variants.
It might be helpful to expose when the last data in the results page was collected, so I could easily see whether my new variation was somehow included in the table with the old results.
When adding multiple experiments to a feature, you should choose a different tracking key for each one. Not sure why you're seeing a 2 hour delay. Do you have any caching set up on your end? It's better to keep the traffic split at 50/50.
I didn't use a different tracking key. Can I still see my results?