Hello everyone! <@U03MUDHGNK0> and I work together...
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Hello everyone! @ancient-receptionist-63597 and I work together and were looking for options to implement feature flags, and saw that GrowthBook can be self-hosted, which is awesome! The thing is that we have our backend written in kotlin and spring boot and saw that there is not an SDK that can work with it. We were wondering, do you guys think we can fork the current Kotlin SDK and try to make a new SDK from it that is compatible with Spring Boot instead android/iOS? Or would it be easier to build a new SDK from scratch?
Hello. Not sure which would be easier. I don't have any experience with spring boot and limited Kotlin knowledge, so not sure how much would need to change. It's most likely just the part related to fetching and caching features, which I believe is the only thing relying on Android-specific APIs. We also have pretty good docs for starting from scratch - https://docs.growthbook.io/lib/build-your-own It seems to typically take 1-3 weeks to complete an SDK from scratch
Sounds good, thank you!