Hi, I can't see a UI in the chrome( see attached s...
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Hi, I can't see a UI in the chrome( see attached screenshot). In the Edge I see it properly. Another questions: 1 - is it possible to create a new environment which based on another. 2 - How can I transfer all my data( features, environments, etc) from one machine to another 3 - Is it possible to connect to the mongodb using Compass and see a data. I have tried it , but no success. May be my connection string is wrong. Thank you
Hi igor:
Looks like the API isn't set up correctly or is being blocked somehow in chome - can you check the console to see if there are more detailed errors?
1. you mean make a new environment and copy over all the existing rules? We don't have that feature currently
2. We have configurations for the data sources and metrics, but no way to transfer atm - but if you have access to mongo, you can export the database
3. Yes, you can use mongodb compass